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Two Camps, Two Futures

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The Differences Between Two Presidential Candidates’ Supporters Show Different Futures
By Mei Jie and Yan Ming (
Nov. 22, 2020

As the result of the 2020 U.S. election remains pending, many supporters of both presidential candidates are also actively participating in various events. From video footage of these activities, one can see lots of differences between the two camps of supporters, including the culture and future that they represent.

Peace and Rationality vs. Extremity and Violence

Most Trump supporters are peaceful, rational, and self-disciplined. One can sense from them kindness, perseverance, bravery, positive attitude, and the power of faith. Biden supporters, on the other hand, often exhibit extreme behaviors, including violence, arrogance, chaos, anger, and lack of control.

Netizen Jack Posobiec posted a video on Twitter, in which a young couple was surrounded, sworn at, and poured water on for supporting Trump. Nonetheless the couple remained calm and did not fight back.

In contrast, in the parades that supported Biden, there were many communism supporters, LGBT, and BLM advocates. One transgender called out “I am finally relieved!” In the parade, there was also a naked woman who casually took pictures of others.

One can imagine that, were Biden to become the next president, there would be many laws to support transgender bathrooms, marijuana legalization, free injections of drugs, legalization of underage prostitution, government-funded programs for child transgender surgery without parental consent, and more.

“I’d Rather Get Covid-19 Than Biden-20”

Tens of thousands of people gathered in Washington D.C. on November 14 to support Trump. One participant wore a jacket with the words, “I’d Rather Get Covid-19 Than Biden-20.”

The words on the jacket may sound irrational at first glance, but they likely reflected a deeper belief of safeguarding the American values protected by the Constitution. Protesting the election fraudulence in public may risk catching the virus, but having the wrong person being the next president may risk ruining America’s future with socialism agendas.

The jacket wearer’s determination to seek what’s best for America was echoed by Hong Kongers who participated in the democratic movements in protest of the the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) tightening grip of the semi-autonomous region.

Influenced by the CCP, people in many countries have been misled by the socialist ideology. Trump has stayed firm with traditional values and taken many initiatives to counter the CCP, which earned him trust from people, who not only attended events before the general election, but also recent activities that called to investigate election fraud.

Difference in Infection Rates Between States

Aside from behaviors, supporters of two candidates also differ drastically in health conditions, including casualties related to coronavirus. After its initial outbreak in Wuhan, China late last year, the pathogen spread quickly as a result of the CCP’s consistent cover-up and disinformation. The Epoch Times therefore calls it the CCP Virus.

As reported earlier on the website, data between May and November this year shows that the red states (who supported Trump) had an average death rate half of that in blue states (who supported Biden).


Across history, people who cherished traditional values were usually blessed with health and prosperity, while those that deviated from these faced consequences.


If history is any indication, we believe that those who opposed “fraud and corruption” in the election will be blessed.

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