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  1. Racist
  2. Racist.
  3. who cares
  4. banning people because you cant counter the facts they give you?

    that is not freedom that is self slavery
  5. thank you for finally reassuring me.

    I have been treated very badly by mods and have been threatened by this in the past.

    It is NOT healthy to hate innocence Billy and you better not be telling people so glibly you hate children.

    If you don't want people to think you have post tramatic stress syndrome I suggest you not be so proud of your hate of the world most pure and innocent people.

    getting help with working through what has happened to you in life is wise not weak
  6. No, I am not. I have no desire to have anything to do with you. I simply stated that you are not a troll and honestly believe everything you say.
  7. your going to reveal my personal info huh
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