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  1. if you have a moment please vote on this poll regarding threadbans:
  2. Hey bro,

    I think it's time you partaked in JPP's nerdiest and most fun tradition:

    Basically it's a real-time game that involves logic, debate, strategy. Both conservatives and liberals have loved this when we've played it, and we are still looking for a few more players.

    If interested just post in the thread. Thanks.
  3. play werewolf with us. we need new blood. for the love of god sigggggggn up
  4. I see you were active as of ten minutes ago..

    please bro, go vote on that poll. we really want to get all the active members to vote one way or the other. it'll only take a second. thanks.
  5. As you should be aware, we recently implemented a feature on JPP that allows thread creators to ban those that they feel would be disruptive from their threads.

    This has allowed users that typically are harassed, or have had their threads trolled, to have a wider degree of latitude with regards to guiding the conversation in their own threads.

    We've been doing a month trial, and now we are polling the community to find out what they think of the feature so far. We really would like to get your opinion on whether or not we should keep it.

    Please go to this thread:

    And cast your vote.

    Thank you.

    - JPP
  6. dont forget to check in to werewolf and make a vote today.
  7. let me know by tomorrow either way. thanks for your consideration. just write back on my wall.
  8. you would have to be a judge along with me and apple, read the debates, and give appropriate scores.

    let me know if you want to do it, but don't feel like you have too. We need someone that's going to be an active judge though so we can move things along quickly.
  9. .... O_O
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