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  1. please please? what billy said
  2. tom, thanks for playing werewolf. hope it was at least moderately entertaining for you O_O. too bad we lost :/
  3. tom how many hours are you ahead of us eastern time?

    how late do you stay up?
  5. i cant remember if you always shut me down for werewolf for a specific reason. if you play, I will be your best friend. I will worship you. I will promote you to patron saint of youngins pwn. I will put "hail tom" in my signature. The possabilities are endless O_O
  6. tom, being a smart brit, and therefore also a champion of debate tactics (all brits are) I think it's time you play werewolf with us. pleeeeeeeease?
  7. tom tomorrow if you could pm me with your answer (be it yes or no) it would be appreciated. thanks.
  8. you will be discussing evolution and facing 3d.
  9. tom can youi pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease be an alternate? I'm running out of people, and you are on this board enough. help a brotha out
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