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  1. this site is all messed up

    are you having problems posting too?
  2. its true my friend

    he was just like the right in this country
  3. Thanks for the heads-up. We'll see if I get banned from their threads. I wouldn't particularly care, honestly, since it appears I have nothing to learn from this group of right-wingers. Was hoping to run into some smart ones that might be convinced of things. Oh well.
  4. just a note about the posters here.

    they can ban you from any thread they make.

    that means the fact adverse fools can lock one out of most debates by not allowing a person to post in them.

    there are posters here who ban me and others from every thread they make.

    so if you see me not coming in to back you up it likely because I'm banned from the thread.

    Its a horrible rule but the owner is right wing
  5. Ahoy matey.
  6. good morning my new friend
  7. welcome my friend

    I hope you keep coming here and help me pass out the truth to the fools here.
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