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  1. hiding from me and heaving idiot bloody red bricks wont make this history cease to exist.

    you lost

    you cant face it
  2. I gave you facts

    face them
  3. my posts are being randomly rejected

    they all get the ERROR response and then some show up and some don't dude.
  4. dude that gives your step nieces name in it .

    maybe you should delete it
  5. chicken shit
  6. Hey Tom, I hate that stupid game. I dont like games involving deception. I suck at lying and dont enjoy the feeling of having fooled people like many do.

    Grind loves it.

    He is also just a kid who just cant help himself from playing the social games of whos in and whos out of his little circle.


    Someday these kids will understand but for now they are clueless to their own age group mental games and why they play them.
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