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  1. Do you run away in court as much as you do here?
  2. You mention my name in the post and you don't remember? You quoted only me and you don't remember?

  3. Jarod, can you please answer who you were talking to in this post?

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    I never said I get paid to blog. Sorry your mistake.

    You really seem obsessed with me, I am not perfect and do not always use the technically pure definition of things I am off the cuff writing about on this board.

    I do, however, enjoy that there are threads dedicated to me. You are interesting to me also Yaya, but not in the same way, can we be just friends?
  4. Quote Originally Posted by Yaya View Post
    And what was that theory Jarod? You THANKED this theory, tell us what the theory is that you THANKED.
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