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  1. Pit. I. Ful.
  2. lame-o-cles.
  3. As you should be aware, we recently implemented a feature on JPP that allows thread creators to ban those that they feel would be disruptive from their threads.

    This has allowed users that typically are harassed, or have had their threads trolled, to have a wider degree of latitude with regards to guiding the conversation in their own threads.

    We've been doing a month trial, and now we are polling the community to find out what they think of the feature so far. We really would like to get your opinion on whether or not we should keep it.

    Please go to this thread:

    And cast your vote.

    Thank you.

    - JPP
  4. Thanks for dropping by ID! <3 xoxo
  5. just say yes or no. I can take it O_O
  6. are you going to play werewolf, or are you going to be the worst person in the history of mankind?
  7. oh sorry just jumped into a 3 week old convo. ah well. profile stalking ftw
  8. darla, can you tell me exactly where this service is? Just curious.
  9. I have to get to bed some time... My guess is that night will fall at 11:00 PM EDT... a full 12 hour day.
  10. i want to know now O_O

    also when will night be do you think?
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