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  1. He did not. He was talking about hanging out with you and getting some burgers and you said it would "never happen". Just calm down. Nobody is threatening you. Seriously. Our site has no data on your address information. We know you are in a certain area but nobody could show up at your door. Even Billy lost that information long ago. Nobody here knows your address.
  2. he clearly threatened to use his access to your site information to threaten me

    prove you are damo and not grind

    fire him for threatening me and my personal info
  4. why is ILA still here?
  5. OKay, yeah. I got it. From both of y'all now.
  6. I got something, but it was a link to a thread.
  7. did you get it?
  8. You should either report the PM (all mods could read it) or forward it to myself or another mod so that there is more than one record. I don't have access to your PMs and don't want to have to get it.
  9. jade witt is not my name

    its part of an old internets address
  10. Forward the PMs you worry about to me. That way we'll have records, but don't talk about them in publicly readable areas.
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