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  1. if you have a moment please vote on this poll regarding threadbans:
  2. 400 poundo's don't count asshat
  3. captain he wouldn't be able to find the thread, lol.
  4. Why are you always trying to suck cum out of people's anuses, while i'm busy destroying my opponents in thoughtful debate?
  5. how does it feel to be dumber than a bag of bricks? was that part of the jew conspiracy?
  6. lulz no one posts on your wallllll. (unless i tell them to call you a dumbass)
  7. look man i know the 24 hour period isn't up but I've asked you repeatedly in thread and on your wall if you were participating or not. I linked you to the thread. It's really not cool if you are just going to sit on your hands when I could have gotten someone else for this. Don't be a douche.
  8. are you going to debate or not? if you aren't maybe we can put in an alternate so at least let us know. damo has already told me he's coming on later tonight
  9. dont forget you are up for the debate today
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