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  1. if you have a moment please vote on this poll regarding threadbans:
  2. I am going to be extremely busy for the next couple of weeks so will have to decline, sorry.
  3. hey retard

    I believe I asked you a question.

    How about you answer it?


    lets gooooooo
  4. Even the Guardian was impressed, well about as much as you'll ever get from them.
  5. Yes I saw that interview on Channel 4. Cathy Newman has received so much abuse that Channel 4 called in security specialists. Looks like we have our own versions of Darla over here.
  6. I think you'll like this

  7. answer my pm -_-
  8. werewolf?
  9. >As for food, England has probably the most diverse cuisine of the planet. Within three kilometres of me there are at least six Thai, three Japanese, three Vietnamese, Greek, Italian, Kasmiri, Nepalese, Malaysian, Turkish, loads of Chinese and Indian and last but not least two Nandos restaurants. It is all 100% GM free as well.

    every big town and city in america has that. we also have our own stuff too like texmex, new england clam chowder, burgers (face it, we own it) japanese fushion food, creole. don't even dare compare england anywhere in the same ballpark to the u.s. when it comes to food.
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