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  1. U.S. Secretary of State: “The True Face of the Chinese Communist Party Has Been Expos

    (continued from last post)

    Protecting the U.S. Against the CCP

    In the last part of his interview, Pompeo said that after the pandemic, people have begun to see how corrupt the CCP’s institutions are and how their state-owned enterprises compete in ways that people hadn't fully recognized even a few years ago.

    “So you have begun to see supply chains shift to other places. I think there is a deeper recognition amongst the business community today ...
  2. Majority of Americans want Trump removed immediately after U.S. Capitol violence

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    The wonderful thing about this election is that our government was designed to prevent a despot, a dictator, a delusional moron from holding on to power against the will of the people. And this election proves it actually works. Our founding fathers were smart.
    But Trump's initial election proves they left a gaping hole Arnold Schwartenagger (sp?) could drive his Hum V though.