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  1. Two types of Trumppers, which are you?

    Quote Originally Posted by Jack View Post
    They both support an Authoritarian Government. (As long as they are the ones in Power)
    They were never the ones in power. Trump was a criminal who through them a scotus bone once in a while. Apparently
    that is enough for a Retrumplican.
  2. An Imminent and More Severe Pandemic

    Scientific Prediction and Prophecy Both Warn of An Imminent and More Severe Pandemic
    Jan. 10, 2021 | By Li Zhengkuan

    The year 2020 saw the world ravaged by the coronavirus pandemic, and the 2021 new year is already marred by uncertainty, with new virus variants emerging across the globe. All indications, be they based on science or prophecy, point to a possibly more deadly new wave of the virus. It is time for us to take a step back ...