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  1. Short tutorial on herd immunity for the unenlightened

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    fucking idiots on the march on this thread -here is MAYO CLINIC- good enough for you??

    How is herd immunity achieved?
    There are two paths to herd immunity for COVID-19 — vaccines and infection....
    And they are saying seventy percent of the population have to be infected to achieve the herd immunity this thread is talking about, so the math, that is a lot of
  2. The Legal Status of Chemical Castrastion

    Chemical Castration in Alabama is big news across the web. And yet, Alabama is not unique. Poland has compulsory chemical castration for child predators. The Czech Republic allows for voluntary surgical castration. Germany allowed surgical castration until relatively recently, and now allows for voluntary chemical castration. While many have the view that chemical castration has negative connotations like in the case of Alan Turing, in the 21st century, chemical castration is largely restricted ...
  3. From CCP Member to “Mr. Democracy”

    From Communist Party Member to “Mr. Democracy”

    Aug. 24, 2020 | By Ren Shihao (

    Former Taiwanese President Lee Teng-hui died on July 30, 2020, at the age of 97. Lee became Taiwan’s first democratically elected president in 1996 and stepped down in 2000, abiding by the term limits he had set. It effectively ended 55 years of one-party rule in Taiwan and introduced democracy without a coup or civil war. It ...
  4. Xi Jinping’s Two Missteps

    Chinese Leader Xi Jinping’s Two Missteps in Handling US-China Relations

    Commentary by He Qinglian
    August 18, 2020, Updated August 21, 2020

    In the past month, the United States has taken a series of harsh measures against China, which Beijing could hardly counter effectively. However, it was not until the closure of the Chinese consulate in Houston that Beijing finally realized the deterioration of U.S.-China relations ...
  5. Top 5 Big Tech Stories of 2019 - A website all about censorship, big tech, and freedom of speech. Originally known as but now known as - its only natural the site owner would become more heavily and overtly political over time. While at first Gab advertised itself as a place for all voices, it increasingly seems to be courting the non-mainstream audience. I enjoy their position of highlighting big tech stories, but Gab banned me a long time ago, so I can't speak for the quality of the site ...