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  1. Maineman

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    A "moderate democrat".
    LMAO, that would be my only guess
  2. Erections, Elections and Fascist Directions

    Good Morning.

    Right, stop your gawping. If you're staying take off your coat, sit yourself down in the corner and quit your jibber-jabbering for five blessed minutes. It's a while since i last had a dalliance with this blog bidness, so do excuse the general untidiness. I trust you've all availed yourself of the facilities because i'm not having anyone get up for a piss half way through. Understand? Good.

    In these straightened times of mass unemployment, fiscal turmoil ...

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  3. Well the Bees Survived the Winter...

    As the title suggests, my bee hive is thriving after its first winter. It's always interesting to look into a hive and see only females with no drones, but the girls kill the drones at the beginning of winter as they add nothing to the hive but mouths, the queen will be laying a few drone cells soon and there should be some of the hairy beasts in there for my summertime.

    What I thought was a plethora of honey for them to eat over the winter has been pared down to one tiny frame of ...
  4. Planes, Complaints, and Indie Girls.

    Hello Internets, it's Grind again.

    So recently I was down in Florida catching some sun over the weekend. Not much happened it was cold etc

    On the way home I had my nice comfy window seat on the airplane, when I noticed that a group of about 20-25 girls my age were getting on the plane. "Sweet" i thought, maybe a hot one will be forced to sit next to me. Apparently it was some team from brown university, so I felt pretty dumb already, knowing that they would be ...

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  5. Flat Tax with standard deduction

    Flat Tax with standard deduction

    It is time for this country to become fiscally responsible. The national debt has increased every fiscal year since 1960. What has happened to the responsibility of the two parties? Both like to point the blame at the other, but in reality neither have been responsible fiscally. It is time for a change. Letís begin with our tax code. It should be simple enough that the average person can understand it. It should not be filled with thousands of loopholes ...