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  1. (17) Exporting revolutions(continued)

    By 1978, the CCP’s total aid to Vietnam reached $20 billion, while China’s GDP in 1965 was only 70.4 billion yuan (approximately $28.6 billion at the official exchange rate at the time).

    In 1973, the United States compromised with the domestic anti-war movement, which was actually instigated by communists, and withdrew its troops from Vietnam. On April 30, 1975, North Vietnam occupied Saigon and took South Vietnam. Under the direction of the CCP, the CPV began suppressions similar ...
  2. (17) Exporting revolutions

    The communist cult’s spread across the world is powered by violence and deception. When communism is exported from a powerful country to a weaker one, violence is the quickest and most effective route. The failure of the free world to recognize the cultish character of communism leads it to take lightly the export of communist ideology, including via the Chinese regime’s Grand External Propaganda ...
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  3. (16) A history of murder

    It has been fully one century since the Communist Party seized power in the Soviet Union. According to records compiled by the U.S. Congress, communist regimes were responsible for the deaths of at least 100 million people. [1] The Black Book of Communism details this history of murder. [2]

    From documents declassified by the governments of nations in the former Soviet Union and ...
  4. (15) Ultimately originated from the evil specter...

    Throughout human history, great sages taught sentient beings the way to enlightenment and laid the foundations of the world’s civilizations. Jesus Christ established the bedrock of Christian civilization, and Lao Zi’s wisdom is the foundation of Taoism, a central pillar of Chinese philosophy. In ancient India, Shakyamuni’s teachings led to Buddhism. The origins of their wisdom is a wonder. Jesus was virtually ...
  5. (14) All dramas have a climax...

    Many of the prophecies foretold in orthodox religions have come to pass, as have the predictions made by Nostradamus and prophecies passed down in cultures around the world, from Peru to Korea. There have been surprisingly accurate prophetic texts throughout Chinese history, from the Han to the Ming dynasties. [1]

    These prophecies tell us the important truth that history is no coincidental ...