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  1. China’s Tragedy of Errors: Pandemic Redux

    Ilana Freedman
    January 23, 2023


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    When communist China unleashed the COVID-19 virus on the rest of the world in the winter of 2020, it knew what it was doing. Wuhan, a major industrial city of 11 million people and the capital of Hubei Province, was ground zero for the pandemic. In a level-four laboratory used by the communist Chinese military to develop bioweapons and pursue gain-of-function research, a new virus was released—likely ...
  2. Yellen Voices US Support Amid 10-Day Africa Trip

    Yellen Voices US Support Amid 10-Day Africa Trip

    China in Focus

    The #UnitedStates is signaling plans for a more active economic presence in several #Africancountries as the Chinese regime’s Belt and Road Initiative stakes its influence there. The Chinese infrastructure plan has also been dubbed “debt trap diplomacy.” Under it, over $100 billion have flooded into African countries ...