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  1. There should be a list of protected words on this Forum - Lagit Suggestion

    Quote Originally Posted by The Blue Wave Failed View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by evince View Post
    its either Damo or grind who owns it
    it sold a few years back

    right around the time Grind became head mod
    i've been a mod for more than a decade at this point. and i am not "head mod" you are dumb.
    Thank you grind. I know it's you. I saw what you did.
  2. The Progressive Voice EXPOSED

    The Progressive Voice Youtube Channel is run by far left wing socialist Sahil Habibi, who aligns himself with The Young Turks and their affiliates. Always quick to defend them and boost their popularity while selectively editing clips to bash anyone who disagrees. Sahil Habibi is a liar, he has been exposed by many in the past, and I'll expose him ten times to see if it sticks. I took ten videos uploaded to The Progressive Voice Youtube Channel, a debunked them all one after another. Sahil Habibi, ...
  3. The moderator, Billy, is a psychopath

    Quote Originally Posted by MagaMaggot View Post
    I have proof.

    Making sure this post5 is not altered by Billy.
  4. This is what happens to the Good Guy with a gun.

    Quote Originally Posted by MagaMaggot View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Bourbon View Post
    I personally know Robbins IL and Midlothian IL ... and know for a fact, this is the Norm.

    I went to St Christopher's Grade School in Midlothin ... trust me, I fully believe that Midlothian Cop came in Firing like Cowboy.
    Women should beware of the police.

    The statistics do not reveal the under reporting of these rapes by cops out of fear.

    If a cop wants to pull you over for a burnt out taillight on a lonely road, drive until you come
  5. Who in the hell is "Krusty Kathy"??

    Quote Originally Posted by MagaMaggot View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by USFREEDOM911 View Post
    Krusty Kathy

    Rule 1 warning issued, failure to comply.

    Banned 90 days
    Suffered cool hand luke syndrome. Thrown into the pit by mean mods.

    It's like to kill a mocking bird.

    Is nothing sacred anymore.

    Oh the anguished butt hurt I feel for his/her pain.

    For whom the bells tolls. My, my, my, oh lodi.

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