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  1. This is what happens to the Good Guy with a gun.

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    I personally know Robbins IL and Midlothian IL ... and know for a fact, this is the Norm.

    I went to St Christopher's Grade School in Midlothin ... trust me, I fully believe that Midlothian Cop came in Firing like Cowboy.
    Women should beware of the police.

    The statistics do not reveal the under reporting of these rapes by cops out of fear.

    If a cop wants to pull you over for a burnt out taillight on a lonely road, drive until you come
  2. Who in the hell is "Krusty Kathy"??

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    Krusty Kathy

    Rule 1 warning issued, failure to comply.

    Banned 90 days
    Suffered cool hand luke syndrome. Thrown into the pit by mean mods.

    It's like to kill a mocking bird.

    Is nothing sacred anymore.

    Oh the anguished butt hurt I feel for his/her pain.

    For whom the bells tolls. My, my, my, oh lodi.

  3. Fla. Judge Calls Out Fraud 'Rhetoric'

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    It's easier to buy an ar-15 than it is to vote.
    I thank me for this excellent post.
  4. The Ben Shapiro Show is in Decline

    The Decline of the Ben Shapiro Show is crystal clear. Too much time spent on advertising, not enough time spent on the news. In episode 657 for example, there was 14 minutes of substantive news coverage in total. Everything else was advertisements and other nonsense that didn't inform anyone of anything. Ben Shapiro is trying to bring in more democrats to his audience, he's being so kind and cordial to democrats, telling them constantly how to defeat ...
  5. Is anyone here in disagreement with the Republican prediction of gaining house seats?

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    Democrats are delusional.

    Republicans Keep Control Of House, May Pick Up More Senate Seats
    Not going to get the Semate, in fact likely to lose two seats.
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