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  1. The Mystery of China’s Military Doctrine

    The Mystery of China’s Military Doctrine

    J. R. Nyquist, Sept. 24, 2020

    In war, the subjection of the enemy is the end, and the destruction of his fighting forces the means.
    --Carl von Clausewitz

    Roger Cliff is the author of a recent study on the People’s Liberation Army (PLA), titled China’s Military Power: Assessing Current and Future Capabilities. Cliff says that modern wars are decided by strategy ...
  2. Dear White Evangelicals,

    Quote Originally Posted by Bill View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Penderyn View Post
    Sorry - no, I'm not: I influence quite a lot of people, whereas I doubt if you influence even your pig. I'm neither stupid nor a foreigner, as I've already told you, I think: you are.
    Should ask him what Jesus said about the foreigner?? He can go look it up, give him something positive to do, assuming he can of course..
    I'm afraid reading the New Testament is against his religion.
  3. Joseph Stalin Had a 13 Year Old Lover

    He was 36 years old when he began a sexual relationship with 13 year old Lidia Pereprygina. He impregnated her and the baby died. When she fell pregnant again, he ran away and left her to raise the child alone. Lidia was not the only victim. According to various testimonies from the book Young Stalin by Simon Sebag Montefiore, Stalin had a pattern of pursuing underage girls.

    Lidia Pereprygina had barely entered puberty when Stalin raped her. Its quite understandable why so many ...
  4. Ch.4. The Specter of Communism Is Ceaselessly Destroying Humankind


    See Comment

    Translated from Chinese

    The Ultimate Goal of Communism

    By the editorial team of the “Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party”

    Chapter 4.
    The Specter of Communism Is Ceaselessly Destroying Humankind


    1. The Party Takes the Lead in Betraying the Divine and Cursing Ancestors
  5. Tucker Carlson the Rape Apologist

    In 2006 & 2009 he spoke about 13 year old boys having sex with their teachers and 14 year old girls having lesbian lovers. In 2014 he went on Fox News to continue advocating for sex with minors. In 2017 he had an interview with Gavin McInnes where he repeated himself, this time talking of 15 year olds. And of course, this is only a cursory glance at his statements. It is very likely that more interviews and statements will appear in the future related to this topic.

    Tucker Carlson ...
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