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  1. China Threatened to ‘Disappear’ Whistleblower Who Exposed Military Connection of Chin

    China Threatened to ‘Disappear’ Whistleblower Who Exposed Military Connection of Chinese Virus Labs

    Dr. Li-Meng Yan was a virologist in Hong Kong who defected to the United States and began exposing the coronavirus research taking place in Chinese laboratories, and how it was connected to its military, the People’s Liberation Army. And because of her work and her discussion of the origin of COVID-19, she was threatened by the Chinese ...
  2. Heckler yells PEDOPHILE at pedodent brandon. Why isn't everyone doing that?

    [QUOTE=Concart;4853234]I think the reason not everyone is doing it is because not everyone has the sense of humor of a seven year old.[/QUOTE]

    Does something someone said sound funny?

    Why throw softballs when icbm's are softballs?

    At that point just go ahead and throw planetoids.
  3. Beijing Uses Police and Security Training to Infiltrate Foreign Countries

    Antonio Graceffo
    December 17, 2021

    Epoch Times News Analysis

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    Beijing is exporting its brand of justice around the globe through a series of law enforcement exchanges and by offering training and equipment.

    In 2011, the government of Ecuador installed a countrywide Chinese-designed surveillance system, financed by Chinese loans in exchange for oil. Today, crime is still rampant, but the police and internal intelligence ...