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  1. Three Ways to Counter CCP Without a War

    Three Ways to Counter the Chinese Regime Without a War

    Commentary by Wang He
    August 11, 2020

    The year 2020 has marked the beginning of a new phase in the “cold war” between the United States and the Chinese communist regime.

    Following U.S. sanctions against human rights violators in Xinjiang came the removal of Hong Kong’s special trade status, and formal denial of the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP’s) ...
  2. Three Gorges Dam

    Three Gorges Dam: A Costly Political Project with an Uncertain Future

    Aug. 12, 2020 | By Zhang Zhongmin(

    Regions along the Yangtze River, the longest river in Asia, have experienced severe flooding this summer. Hubei Province, still reeling from the aftermath of the coronavirus outbreak, was hit by floods in late June; Jiangxi Province raised the flood-control response from Level II to Level I, the highest flooding ...
  3. Biden Maintains 10pt Lead

  4. Commentary 6: On How the Chinese Communist Party Destroyed Traditional Culture

    Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party

    6: On How the Chinese Communist Party Destroyed Traditional Culture


    Culture is the soul of a nation. This spiritual factor is as important to mankind as physical factors such as race and land.

    Cultural developments define the history of a nation’s civilization. The complete destruction of a national culture leads to the end of the nation. ...
  5. Why did Trump Endorse Jeff Session's OPPONENT?!

    Jeff Sessions became Attorney General in 2016, but became disliked by Trump after recusing himself from the Mueller Investigation. This was a legal requirement, but Trump still got upset. Trump hates Jeff Sessions for the recusal, and so Jeff Sessions was forced to resign in 2018. Since then, Donald Trump has treated Jeff Sessions as an enemy. Its too bad that Trump hates Jeff Sessions but, at least its understandable. Not right, just understandable.

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