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  1. Trump Stuns Crowd by Bragging about Peeking into Girls Dressing Room.

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    You must ll despise David Beckham....that's too bad...
    (sent SB a screenshot of the're welcome
    Why do you love sucking the dick of a pedophile and sexual pervert? Birds of a feather, I guess.
    Isn't this a 12b?
  2. 8-1: Winning Politically At All Costs To The Nation

    Eight: Craving For Grandiose
    1: Winning Politically At All Costs To The Nation

    In the early years, as the Partyís head, Jiang Ze-minís position inside the CCP was not very secure. Not only did he have to confront pressures from the senior leaders in the Party, but also he had to face the general publicís dissatisfaction, over the Tiananmen Massacre. Meanwhile, Chinaís foreign relations were on the rocks. Many ...