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  1. Shoot all looters dead !!

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    2.5 million in Rolex watches stolen from one NY store

    These morons should have cleared the watches out in the day time

    Any looter should be shot dead
    I say go ahead and shoot them! Turns out they are a White Supremacist group disguised as ANTIFA.


    That's gotta sting.
  2. Pandemic Vice

    This Pandemic Shows Why Socialism Always Fails

    Commentary by Chad Savage
    May 20, 2020, Updated May 21, 2020

    In the midst of the coronavirus crisis, that has ushered more control, into the government’s hands, at the expense of individual decision-making, we are learning why socialism has failed—and always will.

    Apologists for socialism and communism claim that real socialism has never been tried. That ...