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  1. The Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) finished up 2.2% at around 25,548 on Wednesda

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    The recovering economy means a great deal to all Americans except the far left loons in the Democrat party (almost all of them are far left loons now).

    It means jobs returning, food on the table for Americans and their families.

    The harm to our economy and economies around the world was caused by the virus from China that China failed to contain.

    How typical for the Democrats to blame the president instead of the Communist Chinese Government.
  2. Coronavirus Pandemic – A Holistic View (2)

    A Holistic View:
    Are We Able to Prevent Another Disaster
    Like Coronavirus Pandemic?

    — Part 2: A Mysterious Virus — Where Did It Start?

    May 27, 2020 | By Tong Gen and Wuxian, (

    (Continued from Part 1)
    Part 2: A Mysterious Virus — Where Did It Start?

    Scientists have found that virus, a lower form of life, is more complicated than what people normally think. For example, ...