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  1. Taylor Swift Hates George Soros?

    Did you know Taylor Swift Hates George Soros? So there's a common problem with music artists nowadays, that they don't actually have the rights to their music. Prince, Rihanna, Jay Z - They all experienced the same problem. You give the music companies the right to your work - And in exchange, you get a percentage of the music sales. Later on when the artist has enough money, They buy back the rights so they own all their music. Long Story Short - George Soros and some other rich folk have bought ...
  2. Lauren Chen - What Makes a Man Masculine?

    On February 27th 2019 -
    Lauren released an article on her facebook page entitled "Is your Boyfriend effeminate?" She also released a video by the same title, but I'll just be reading the article here.
    Roaming Millennial outlines 4 different types of Effeminacy.

    FIRST - The Sensual.
    Obesity, Alcoholism, Porn Addiction, Gaming Addiction.

    Roaming Millennial says that these things indicate a man is effeminate -

    Because he lacks ...
  3. (9) When people stray from the will of gods...

    Mankindís orthodox culture was imparted by gods. While maintaining the normal operation of human society, the most important role of divinely inspired culture is to provide a means for humanity to understand the divine Law taught in the final epoch and to be saved from elimination.

    Divinely inspired culture cautions people to guard against the devilís conspiracies, so the devil employs ...
  4. The Angry Foreigner & Slut Shaming

    If you love porn, don't pretend that makes everyone else a bad person for not loving it. Its funny how your every statement in the video circles around calling everyone else puritan morons, yet you're gonna tell us that everyone else is vitriolic. And because he didn't talk about it, remember that these pornstars make thousands of dollars and the smart ones are able to retire without ever working a day in their life. There's a great documentary ...
  5. Top Republican Party Sex Scandals!

    The Republican Party, the GOP, Grand old party! The Republican Party has a lot of sex scandals and sexual harassment allegations! Not to mention extramarital affairs for years on end! they say abortion is bad, while getting abortions for their mistresses! they cheat on their wives while demanding family values. Yet the voters keep putting them back in office! Joe Barton for example, had his nudes leak! Republican congressman with leaked nudes! What the hell!?

    the Republican Party ...
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