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  1. The CCP Is the Big Loser in the ‘Genocide Games

    The CCP Is the Big Loser in the ‘Genocide Games’

    If these Games have shown the world anything about China, it’s not what Beijing hoped they would

    James Gorrie
    February 18, 2022

    The Olympic Games aren’t over yet, but as far as Beijing’s hope for a boost in international standing, the Games are indeed finished.

    Hosting the Winter Olympics is not turning out to be quite the global ...
  2. Politics enter Beijing’s Winter Games

    Politics enter Beijing’s Winter Games


    China in Focus
    Tiffany Meier

    Politics enter Beijing’s Winter Games. Despite the rule keeping politics out of sports, host city Beijing opts to repeat its “One China” policy during an Olympic panel.

    Summer 2008 vs. Winter 2022—Tibet takes a radically different response to Beijing hosting the Olympics. Some blame it on generational change under the Communist Party.

    A turning ...
  3. Chained Mother of Eight Striking China’s Societal Moral Limits

    Chained Mother of Eight Striking China’s Societal Moral Limits


    China Insider
    David Zhang

    A chained mother is taking China by storm. Her devastating story as a human trafficking victim is earthshattering for the Chinese regime. Things are getting out of hand as her story is drawing more attention than the Olympics.

    We dive into what is really happening to her, and why there is a big chance this escalates into something groundbreaking. ...
  4. 'WOKE Racism'. I just bought this book.

    [QUOTE=Cypress;4958668]John McWhorter is a linguistics professor, and he is an outstanding teacher of linguistics. I have taken courses from him, and almost everything I know about linguistics is through him.

    But he is not a sociologist, political scientist, or anthropologist. His insights do not come from a deep wellspring of knowledge and expertise here. Some publisher decided that because he has a modest amount of name recognition, they would be able to sell books attributed ...