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  1. Individual mandate shot down

    Quote Originally Posted by christiefan915 View Post
    hayles yeah!
  2. Oooops, Michelle?

    Originally Posted by PostmodernProphet

    are you still trying to play that fucking lie?......I know that liberals think if you repeat a lie often enough it turns into the truth, but the fact is, nobody here is stupid enough to believe you so it isn't going to work.....

    [QUOTE=poet;995629]Ooooh, do I detect someone's buttons being pushed? You see, I, in fact, win. If I hadn't hit the nail so precisely "on its' head", you wouldn't react so. That's what ...
  3. Oooops, Michelle?

    Originally Posted by USFREEDOM911

    Well that and you're hatred for women.

    [QUOTE=poet;994499]You know what? I've had enough of your lies and mischaracterizations of me. Up until now, I have made a concerted effort to ignore you, because I believe you to be not only beneath me, and contemptible refuse, but the paragon of what is wrong with this forum and this country. You lie, incessantly. You, talk out both sides of your mouth, chastising me ...
  4. Michelle Obama's Expensive Fashion Rivals That Of Ann Romney

    Originally Posted by Superfreak

    Poet... I did not attack you ad hom. You made a comment that no white person can be objective about the Obama's. That is a racist comment. Period. You are basing it on nothing more than the color of their skin. Who are you to say that? Who are you to pass judgement?

    I think the altering from white to black would better describe this thread.

    [QUOTE=poet;993247]\ ...
  5. Homophobic? Maybe You’re Gay

    [QUOTE=poet;990864]How dare you talk about instigating, when almost every post of STY, USF, Yurt, Webbway, Granule are "instigating", and you say nothing.
    Yurt and USF start entire threads about me, which serve no other purpose than "instigation" and begging for a fight, and you say nothing.
    You're a goddamn mod, who doesn't know the first thing about moderation, or protocol. Fuck you.
    And you're another fake and fraud, pretending to extend your friendship, ...