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  2. Kung Hei Fat Choy

    Chinese New Year

    And so we move, all too swiftly, from Christmas, through New Year until we find ourselves on the doorstep of the Chinese New Year, the Year of the Rabbit. Firecrackers (illegal since the 60s) are being smuggled into the territory under the watchful eye of the local police (!) and brought in van loads to the villages that house a substantial part of Hong Kong population. Villages close to me seem to compete, with the winning village setting off twenty-eight minutes ...
  3. A Fairy Story

    Forenote: A few weeks ago a lady for whom I do some occasional work asked me to take a permanent position in her organisation. I did not have the heart to refuse but I knew that it would have been impossible for me. I didn't want to lose contact and I wanted to continue to work for a few hours per week at this keyboard (cos I am a lazy and selfish sod!)
    I awoke one morning and knew how I would tell her so she still valued my small contribution.
    She is the Princess in this story and ...