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  1. Joseph Stalin Had a 13 Year Old Lover

    He was 36 years old when he began a sexual relationship with 13 year old Lidia Pereprygina. He impregnated her and the baby died. When she fell pregnant again, he ran away and left her to raise the child alone. Lidia was not the only victim. According to various testimonies from the book Young Stalin by Simon Sebag Montefiore, Stalin had a pattern of pursuing underage girls.

    Lidia Pereprygina had barely entered puberty when Stalin raped her. Its quite understandable why so many ...
  2. Top 5 Big Tech Stories of 2019 - A website all about censorship, big tech, and freedom of speech. Originally known as but now known as - its only natural the site owner would become more heavily and overtly political over time. While at first Gab advertised itself as a place for all voices, it increasingly seems to be courting the non-mainstream audience. I enjoy their position of highlighting big tech stories, but Gab banned me a long time ago, so I can't speak for the quality of the site ...
  3. The New York Times Data Leaks

    The New York Times Leaks August 2020

    Users on Kiwifarms and 4chan discovered on August 12 2020 that internal documents from the New York Times were available via a simple google search. From pro-Biden lobbyists to the dates for the upcoming debates, these New York Times documents have a substantial amount of insider information, overlooked by most.

    Although these are technically leaks from the New York Times, the majority of these documents are simply primary sources ...
  4. Taylor Swift Hates George Soros?

    Did you know Taylor Swift Hates George Soros? So there's a common problem with music artists nowadays, that they don't actually have the rights to their music. Prince, Rihanna, Jay Z - They all experienced the same problem. You give the music companies the right to your work - And in exchange, you get a percentage of the music sales. Later on when the artist has enough money, They buy back the rights so they own all their music. Long Story Short - George Soros and some other rich folk have bought ...
  5. Lauren Chen - What Makes a Man Masculine?

    On February 27th 2019 -
    Lauren released an article on her facebook page entitled "Is your Boyfriend effeminate?" She also released a video by the same title, but I'll just be reading the article here.
    Roaming Millennial outlines 4 different types of Effeminacy.

    FIRST - The Sensual.
    Obesity, Alcoholism, Porn Addiction, Gaming Addiction.

    Roaming Millennial says that these things indicate a man is effeminate -

    Because he lacks ...
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