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  1. FBI lovers involved with Russia email probes called Trump an idiot

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    How anybody can call the investigation fair and impartial is beyond me, Trump should pull the plug now.

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    I would love to see him pull the plug
  2. Tax Reform (meanwhile back in the real world..)

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    The U.S. Senate voted just before 2 a.m. ET Saturday to pass a sweeping tax overhaul worth roughly $1.4 trillion, putting the Trump White House a big step closer to its first major legislative victory and many Americans closer to a tax cut.

    The vote was 51-49, with Republican Bob Corker of Tennessee the only member of the GOP to side with the Democrats in opposition.

    The bill is not yet finalized. Saturday's vote means the Senate and House have passed similar tax
  3. Anyone Here From The Abolished Amazon Politics Forum?

    Quote Originally Posted by ThatOwlWoman View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Real McCoy View Post
    I see you dodged my question about taking a side in the feud. But that aside, I am not complaining I am stating an observation! So calling a woman a whore is fine with you! Or claiming she cheated on her husband and had an illicite affair is fine as long as they don't say she fucks like a rabbit, do I have that right? Frankly you are either a member of the hate Top clan or the biggest hipocrite I have seen in awhile.
    Apparently you missed the fun times a year or so ago when Toxic,
  4. Time to once again re-educate idiot libs. The Civil War was NOT about slavery

    Quote Originally Posted by USFREEDOM911 View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Craig234 View Post
    Nice try at a cheap shot, but it's the Republicans, who take Russian help, who gut the Voting Rights Act, who pass voter suppression, who Gerrymander shamelessly, who allow unlimited money in our elections, who are anti-democracy.
    And once again; you have only assumptions and assertions, not proof.

    No, actually, the 'proof' of everything I said is overwhelming - it's like 'proof' that Detroit makes cars or 'proof' that Alaska has snow.
  5. hahahahaha, Nothin Accomplished!

    Quote Originally Posted by PostmodernProphet View Post
    Obamacare is falling down, falling down, falling down
    Obamacare is falling down, my fair lady.......

    its just won't be replaced......
    Ive been hearing that for 7 1/2 years.
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