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  1. Burkina Faso attack: French embassy targeted in Ouagadougou

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    It was probably be ISIS but there also Boko Haram, Al Shabaaz and others.
    So much for that defeating ISIS in the first 30 days, and knowing more than all the generals.
    Boko Haram's thing is hating Western education.

    They are just a bunch of thugs... Like gangsters.
  2. Who blinks next?

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    The charges don't have to be proven, only filed.
  3. Why do racists run like their ass is on fire from being called a racist?

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    "Our march"? Let's be honest, this march is for libs only.
    to some equality feels like prejudice

    do you know who thoes people are?

    the ones benifiting from past prejudices

    the reason equality feels like a BAD thing to you is you have to NOW be lowered to just being equal with the rest of us instead of gaining from entrenched inequality

    heres your problem

  4. Trump delays 'fake news' awards

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    his 30 % idiot bag doesnt care
    It's up to 40% you ignorant slut.
  5. How Mueller will trap Trump

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    Tell us is Trump the first president to lie to the people? You lefties all charge him with constant lying so all presidents must have been truthful except him. Is that what you would have us believe?
    Not at all, but I can't recall any President who did on a daily basis, began on day one with his Inauguration crown, nor any President who employed fabrication regularly as a means to an end

    This President is setting Olympian size records when if comes to lying
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