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  1. Chinese 'Gate-Crashers' Raise Espionage Concerns | China In Focus

    Chinese 'Gate-Crashers' Raise Espionage Concerns | China In Focus

    Chinese spies, disguised as tourists, have reportedly infiltrated American military bases as many as 100 times. Washington is on high alert, now sounding the alarm over potential espionage threats, as lawmakers raise grave concerns—and that's just the tip of the iceberg. How exactly does China spy on America? And what disguises do they use to conceal it?
  2. Leftism has Destroyed our Military and also made it Racist

    Quote Originally Posted by RB 60 View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Doc Dutch View Post
    RB 60 was never in the military. If you were, then you are an oath-breaker for supporting the violent overthrow of State and Federal governments.
    So? That isn't the point. Why must you derail the thread again?
    And who is it and exactly how did these people overthrow the state and federal governments? These people are sick, and they're obviously confused.