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  1. Illegal Alien charged with murder of Iowa student, Mollie Tibbetts

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    Long overdue and this is why.
    Bull shit. Illegals commit less crime then Native born citizens do. The "wall" will not keep out the other illegals. How many members of the Russian mafia are here illegally? How many Canucks? Chinese? Never hear about them. Just Latinoes.
    And we have net zero immigration but hey, fuck objective reality.
  2. Silent Sam' is down: Protesters topple Confederate statue on UNC campus

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    Necrophilia too. He says he wants to bang dead Palestinians.
    The forum degenerate.
    That may be what this so called "wife" of his is, a stiff.

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    I guess the difference here is that Fox is trying super hard to be a respected national news organization, while Mr. Sharpton is an individual older dude.
    Why, it's almost as if this other individual older dude who a minority of us elected president needs some kind of diversion away from all the stupid shit he says and does.
  4. Pics from my trip to Thailand!

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    Here's some pictures of me with some girls I met in Thailand!

    Lovely women!

    us freedom is claiming that watermark is violating rule 11. That's a false accusation by usfreedom 666.
  5. Turkey’s Downward Spiral

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    Turkey, though, is in a class of its own. An economic and financial crisis that has been brewing all year has finally come to a head. Inflation has hit 15% and will inevitably be pushed higher because the lira is in free fall, dropping 14% on Friday alone. As Capital Economics have noted, when the rouble fell by a similar amount in 2014, the Russian central bank responded by raising interest rates by 6.5 percentage points and announced measures to support the banking system.