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  1. Iran's regional ambitions are clear and worrying

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    Iran is a spoiler.. They do not want peace in the ME or even a just peace for the Palestinians.
    of course not. why should they? Who's gonna stop them now that Iraq is powerless?

    My personal opinion ( but never have been there) is the the Palestinians are just pawns for the arabs and Iran.
    Nobody really cares about them
    The Saudis care about the Palestinians and have supported them financially since 1948.. but the way forward is not HAMAS..
  2. What is socialism?

    [QUOTE=Deplorable;2719026][QUOTE=Robo;2717691]What is socialism?

    Well, says,


    . [soh-shuh-liz-uh?m]

    ExamplesWord OriginSee more synonyms for socialism on


    . a theory or system of social organization that advocates the vesting of the ownership and control of the means of production and distribution, of capital, land, ...
  3. There should be a list of protected words on this Forum - Lagit Suggestion

    [QUOTE=The Blue Wave Failed;2712961][QUOTE=evince;2708617]its either Damo or grind who owns it
    it sold a few years back

    right around the time Grind became head mod[/QUOTE]

    i've been a mod for more than a decade at this point. and i am not "head mod" you are dumb.[/QUOTE]

    Thank you grind. I know it's you. I saw what you did. :cool:
  4. The Progressive Voice EXPOSED

    The Progressive Voice Youtube Channel is run by far left wing socialist Sahil Habibi, who aligns himself with The Young Turks and their affiliates. Always quick to defend them and boost their popularity while selectively editing clips to bash anyone who disagrees. Sahil Habibi is a liar, he has been exposed by many in the past, and I'll expose him ten times to see if it sticks. I took ten videos uploaded to The Progressive Voice Youtube Channel, a debunked them all one after another. Sahil Habibi, ...
  5. The moderator, Billy, is a psychopath

    [QUOTE=MagaMaggot;2713319]I have proof.


    Making sure this post5 is not altered by Billy.:cool: