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  1. More Severe COVID-19 Wave to Hit China: Study

    More Severe COVID-19 Wave to Hit China: Study

    China in Focus

    A breakneck pace and a lack of transparency are marking #COVID19‘s spread to hundreds of millions of people in the world’s most populous nation. But how deadly will China’s virus #surge get? Beijing said the virus wave has already passed its peak, and that the daily death rate has dropped over 70 percent. But a new model ...
  2. Is the West Too Gullible When It Comes to China

    The CCP is not a normal law-abiding government

    David Flint contributor
    January 25, 2023Updated: January 26, 2023

    Commentary Audio PDF

    The controversy over Prince Harry wearing a Nazi uniform to a party was repeated recently when a 40-year-old prominent Australian politician, Dominic Perrottet, revealed that he had worn a Nazi uniform to his 21st birthday party.

    A newspaper reader wondered if people ...