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  1. (61)Education plays an important role...

    by , 07-07-2019 at 04:53 AM (State of Mankind - How much do you know?)

    Education plays an important role in fostering individual well-being and self-fulfilment, maintaining social stability, and securing the future of a nation. No great civilizations in the history of humanity took education lightly.

    The object of education is to maintain humanity’s moral standards and preserve its divinely bestowed culture. It is the means by which knowledge and craftsmanship ...
  2. (60)Terrorism is inseparable from communism

    by , 07-06-2019 at 05:15 AM (State of Mankind - How much do you know?)

    From the Paris Commune and Lenin’s institutionalization of violence, to the CCP’s state-sponsored persecutions, communism has always used terrorism to achieve its aims. Moreover, beyond the territory controlled by communist regimes, communism has manipulated a variety of groups and people to carry out terrorist acts, sowing chaos around the world and throwing up a diversionary smokescreen for ...
  3. (59)Terrorism and the Western Radical Left

    by , 07-05-2019 at 04:54 AM (State of Mankind - How much do you know?)

    The Hidden Alliance Between Terrorism and the Western Radical Left

    A contemporary German musician said, “This is the greatest artwork in the entire universe.” He spoke not of Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony, but of the September 11 terrorist attacks.

    After 9/11, radical Western leftist intellectuals cheered the attacks and defended the perpetrators. One American writer ...
  4. (58)The CCP’s Ties to Al-Qaeda

    by , 07-04-2019 at 04:49 AM (State of Mankind - How much do you know?)

    The CCP has had far-reaching interactions with Al-Qaeda, beginning with its clandestine collaboration with the Taliban, which provided protection for bin Laden. In 1980, in addition to sending about three hundred military advisers to the mujahideen in Afghanistan, the CCP also set up military training camps in Kashgar and Hotan in Xinjiang to instruct them in skills such as the use of weapons, ...
  5. It appears ABC, CBS and NBC have joined MSNBC at not broadcasting tRump's parade.

    Quote Originally Posted by MASON View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by volsrock View Post
    so u admit when u made your statement above it was not u are a liar
    It has happened,tomorrow is the ,whatever you call it!
    Odds of Trump opening his mouth and not campaigning!nil

    negative 100
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