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  1. Trump not having it, refuses to participate

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    Ah, I wasn't aware that SE Asian women are supposed to be hoes. Learn something every day. Guess that myth came from geisha girl stories told by American servicemen, or something.

    Here's an idea. If you don't want ppl discussing your wife/family, maybe you should stop your morbid interest in others' sex lives, and don't mention their spouses as well.
    Here is another idea, maybe you shouldn't spout bullshit on a regular basis? How about you stop being such a virago
  2. 9-2: The Mystery Cave

    Nine: Jiang’s Beginning And End
    2: The Mystery Cave

    In the early spring of 2005, Udumbara flowers were found blooming at two temples in the Republic of Korea.
    Later, in Taiwan and many locations in mainland China, Udumbara flowers were blooming. The flowers are shaped like bells and give out a pleasant fragrance.

    This is no ordinary flower. And it blossoms only ...
  3. 9-1: Resentment From Hell

    Nine: Jiang’s Beginning & End

    1: Resentment From Hell

    In the Ninth year of the Wude Period of the Tang Dynasty, the founding Emperor, Gaozu, also known as Li Yuan, with the help of his formidable second son, Li Shimin, quelled 18 rival kings and 72 groups of rebels, unified and secured the nation.
    Gaozu had four sons. Baby son, Li Yuanba, died young. The rests were Jiancheng, King ...
  4. 8-6: King Of Toads

    Eight: Craving For Grandiose
    6: King Of Toads

    The CCP’s believing and spreading atheism. Its philosophy of fighting Haven, fighting Earth, and fighting people, is against the very essence of Chinese tradition and culture, that is respect of God, Haven and Earth, and belief of harmony between mankind and nature. The CCP destroyed China’s natural environment and cultural heritage. Lakes, such as Bai-yang-dian ...
  5. 8-5: A Rascal Underneath

    Eight: Craving For Grandiose

    5: A Rascal Underneath

    On August 15 the year 2000, before Jiang Zemin visited the US, to drum up momentum, and demonstrate to the West how open-minded and wise he was, Jiang arranged for Mike Wallace, the host of CBS’s 60 Minutes, to interview him.

    Jiang pretended to have a magnanimous attitude and indicated that the purpose of the ...
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