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  1. Chapter Three: Mass Killing in the East

    How the Specter of Communism Is Ruling Our World:

    Chapter Three: Mass Killing in the East

    Table of Contents


    1. The Violent Foundations of Communist Rule
    a. The Rise of the Soviet Communists
    b. The Chinese Communist Party Seizes Power

    2. The Slaughter of the Working Class
    a. Suppressing the Soviet Workers and Peasants
    b. The CCP Follows the Soviet ...
  2. The Case for Suing the CCP

    The Case for Suing the CCP

    By Roger L. Simon
    April 28, 2020. Updated: April 29, 2020

    Whether we should allow Americans to sue China (or, more specifically, the Chinese Communist Party and its minions, as the Chinese people are victims as well) is rapidly becoming an important issue in light of the massive carnage caused by the novel coronavirus that emanated, it is largely believed, from Wuhan.
  3. How should we punish China?

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    Some are suggesting that we don't pay back the money that we loaned them. I say that is a good start...
    That too.
    Yes, let's not pay back the money that they owe us.