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  1. Boebert's husband arrested and jailed for whipping it out in bowling alley

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    Lauren Boebert’s husband did jail time for "lewd exposure" in a bowling alley. She was there.
    Couple were 86'd from Colorado bowling alley in 2004 after Jayson Boebert exposed himself to two young women.

    Too bad it wasn't just a DUI.
    Which is worse driving while intoxicated and possibly killing others or whipping Mr. Happy out in public?
  2. If Robb Elem. had followed its own procedures, shooter would have been stopped.

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    Amazing how they just don’t get it, you could have SWAT teams in every school, and the next dimwit will just find another soft target, you can not defend them all, the shooter and target are the two variables to any shooting that can not be controlled, but the gun making it all possible , can
    They just don’t get it. If the shooter doesn’t have a gun to murder people with he will just use another method like a car at a stare. Killers are going to kill. Should we stop the sale of cars to law abiding ...