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  1. BREAKING NEWS: Jihad Squad member divorcing

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    Guess she's gonna marry her father now.
    She said she is going to marry her father as soon as Trump stops fucking his daughter.
    This violates the TOS.
  2. (81)The Film Industry: Vanguard Against Tradition(2)

    [Continuing from last entry]
    American scholar Victor B. Cline did an analysis of thirty-seven movies that were shown in Salt Lake City in the 1970s. He found that 58 percent of the films presented dishonesty in a heroic light or as justified by the hero because of the circumstances, and that 38 percent of the films presented criminal activity as something that pays off or as a successful and an ...
  3. (81)The Film Industry: Vanguard Against Tradition

    The Film Industry: Vanguard Against Tradition

    Hollywood has tremendous influence around the world. Although American movies make up less than 10 percent of the films produced globally, Hollywood movies receive 70 percent of global cinema screenings. There is no denying that Hollywood movies dominate the international movie industry. As an international symbol of American culture, Hollywood ...