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  1. OMG Another Confederate rememberance that must be destroyed

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    Oh the horror a rock carving showing Confederate leadership. Where are the asshole hide history social justice warriors?

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    Why are we honoring a nation we went to war with and fought for slavery and division? And where are the Colonial British remembrance statues?
    Why does a statue of a confederat soldier or a union soldier have to be honoring them? Why can't those statues serve as a reminder of a dark period in our history? ...
  2. (75)Video Games

    Video Games

    Numerous children today spend countless hours playing video games. Video game developers make the games increasingly realistic, dynamic, and interactive. They’re also increasingly violent and erotic. Children, and even adults, are easily addicted. Video gaming has become a major headache for parents, schools, and even the government. It’s now a form of popular culture that follows ...