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  1. What Happened in Michigan at 4am on Nov.4 ?

    What Happened in Michigan at 4am on Nov.4 ?
    Welcome to Zooming In, I am Simone Gao. Yesterday Joe Biden declared victory. He promised he would bring the country together. This is a nice gesture, However, half the country is yet to be convinced this has been a fair and transparent election. Before questions are answered and justice is served, the country can not move on.So today we will continue to talk about what really happened to this election. ...
  2. America’s Venezuela-Style Election Farce

    America’s Venezuela-Style Election Farce
    By Cliff Kincaid
    November 10, 2020

    America sanctions communists in foreign countries who steal elections. Here, communists commit the fraud and expect to occupy the White House.

    The Biden-Harris movement should be considered an army of occupation. President Trump, with more legal votes on election day, should remain in office. Trump has said that he won, ...