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  1. The Biggest Reddit Alternative Ever Made - IS SHUTTING DOWN

    On December 21st 2020, the administrator of Voat announced its upcoming shutdown on December 25th 2020. Thus, I began work on this video, in the hopes for it to become a historical record on Voat's financial troubles and eventual decline. Its not as simple as "ran out of money", no matter what the faithful tell you. These people, who have faith in Ruqqus and Saidit and other Reddit Alternatives, will tell you "That could never happen to us!", but they are deluding themselves. ...
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  2. The Lobbying Campaign Against STD Testing For PornStars

    The Free Speech Coalition is a California Lobbying group known for its work with the porn industry. Its publicly listed stances are being anti-condom, anti-STD testing, and anti-records keeping. This ties into their legal battles such as with Statute 2257 of the Child Protection and Obscenity Enforcement Act.

    Did you notice that they do not name Ashcroft vs The FSC on their website? They'll talk of two onerous provisions, but they won't name the case. Because if they did, you'd ...
  3. Games Journalist YongYea ~ Curses At Fans in Anti-Trump Twitter Rant

    YongYea was raised in socialist Venezuela before moving to the USA at 14. Maybe those left wing fantasies rubbed off on him, because now he's a hardcore democrat. From his Twitter antics it doesn't seem like a principled stance on policy issues. Rather, YongYea hates Trump. YongYea moved to LA to be with his own kind from all that youtube money he's been raking in. Since then he's gotten a lot more self righteous, believing his politics are gospel or something. Its been very cringe-inducing. YongYea ...
  4. Joe Biden Endorsed A Candidate Who Blogged About 4-year old girls in THONGS

    Michigan Democrat Jon Hoadley has previously blogged about a variety of illegal activities that cast doubt on his image as a clean-cut politician. He loves unprotected gay sex, methamphetamines, alcoholic romps around the town, and so much more. He's also called straight women "Breeders" and discussed "four year olds in thongs" during private conversations. Naturally, he's been endorsed by Joe Biden the kid sniffer. People of Michigan, I implore you, to think twice before voting ...
  5. The Growing Anti-Lockdown Protestors

    The Australian government has made millions of dollars for corona fines. A pregnant woman was arrested for being against the lockdowns. A different woman got tazed for refusing to wear a mask. I could go on, but you get the picture. These lockdowns are a gift to authoritarians everywhere. Fear is the most efficient way to rule the populace.

    r/LockdownSkepticism and r/NoNewNormal are just two of the many subreddits and internet forums discussing the lockdowns and mask mandates. ...
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