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  1. Turkey’s Downward Spiral

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    Turkey, though, is in a class of its own. An economic and financial crisis that has been brewing all year has finally come to a head. Inflation has hit 15% and will inevitably be pushed higher because the lira is in free fall, dropping 14% on Friday alone. As Capital Economics have noted, when the rouble fell by a similar amount in 2014, the Russian central bank responded by raising interest rates by 6.5 percentage points and announced measures to support the banking system.

  2. MIT Professor Richard Lindzen on Climate Sensitivity

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    GTFOH, Stench.

    Nobody believes that nonsense.

    Nobody who was ever related to a dumbass like you ever taught physics anywhere.

    Physical education, maybe...
    Who chucked in your Cheerios this morning?
    Truly odious little man, does he live near you?
  3. "Trump claims picture ID is required to buy groceries"

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    Yep, he's still obsessed with me. Weird how when he first showed up here he sent me a PM wanting bygones to be bygones. I was cool with it. Then he reverted to AmazonDick. Surprise!

    The above is a total lie. Safe though. I would authorize her to post it.
  4. Koch study: medicare for all saves money

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    Dear idiot; your sources are the same morons that are trying to sell you the moronic idea that Government managed healthcare is better an cheaper. They are all out lies you willful idiot.
    It is better and cheaper, even the Koch-funded study says so.
    That's what's chafed him so.
  5. Because that coward...

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    Maybe they should start enforcing the law?
    Why? We have a corporate run government. Some companies have villages of illegals working in their factories. it is no secret.
    Yup, and slavery cases from Florida where they were chaining them up in the backs of semi trailers to keep them from running off as lately as 2008-2012.
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