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  1. Civil Rights in The Fresh Prince of Bel Air

    Have you seen the Fresh Prince of Bel Air? Its a show about a black family in America, written by white people. Because that's a smart idea... At times, racial issues were conveyed with clarity and care - like in the first episode - and the show truly shined! Still, there were certain episodes in the show that sent mixed signals or even downright - conveyed the message that violence and breaking the law is what it means to be a civil rights leader.
  2. College Football 2018 - minus the troll

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    I agree for the most part but the bias is for Alabama. They are the only team in the country to have the luxury of not having to win their conference championship as long as they only have one loss and they're in. And that's practically decided before the season starts.
    I disagree with you about bama getting in ahead of an undefeated team though. They only get in when there's not enuf undefeated teams not called Central Florida to round out the CFP. I very seriously doubt an undefeated
  3. The last time I looked I was number one...

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    on the visitor list here.

    That is as it should always be.

    Carry on.
    Need I say more?
  4. My Pro-life Mom on Kavanaugh.

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    My Mom Is big time Catholic, and goes to Church about every day. She even leads a Carmelite group at the monastery. She hates how Kavanaughs family was dragged through this, and is angry at the Democrats lawyers for not informing Ford about handling these things in California, without having to release her name. She voted for Trump mostly on pro-life issues, and really doesn't like Hillary. She is ashamed at how the Kavanaugh issue was handled, and yet she still has reservations he may be a poor
  5. This Will Be Susan Collins' Legacy

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    Boy the left is mad at Collins. They were really counting on her werenít they
    I wasnít she just another that is trying to play both sides of the fence, the milk toast Republicans canít have it both ways. You canít believe Dr. Ford without believing Kavanaugh was a black out drunk. Itís lame their trying to claim they support victims of assault, they donít.
    Bart repeated lied throughout the course of the theater of the hearings, even if you take all of the Ford/sexual allegation ...
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