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  1. Video: Coverup of the Century

    Coverup of the Century Ė Zooming Inís Documentary Movie with Simone Gao

    The CCP actively worked to suppress all information both inside and outside of its borders from the earliest days of the outbreak. The physical, emotional, and financial costs have been felt throughout the world in the wake of the pandemic.

    Steps included silencing and ignoring doctors, hamstringing research, and lying through official channels. ...
  2. Jordan Peterson Speaks Again!

    Quote Originally Posted by Steven VanderMolen View Post
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    You can help me....Keep Being The Slayer!

    I'd LIKE to slay Sarah Michelle Gellar, if you know what I mean. And I THINK you do. I've seen every episode of Buffy AND Angel. I had the hots for Sarah, and I STILL do.
    She is so not my type when it come to body....but when it comes to attitude YABBADABBASOOOOOO!