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  1. Have all the possible dangers been considered?

    The drill bit on the Schramm T-130 is getting very, very close. There are reports that it, in fact, broke through on Thursday.
    If it didnt, and I suspect this to be the case, the penetration of the last few metres must procede with ultimate care.
    The haven in which the miners have been sheltering is obviously man-made and must, therefore, have been blasted out. In such a case the rock above might be fractured for two or three metres or even more, depending on the rock type. The drill ...
  2. It's all mine!

    We sit glued to the screen as rescue efforts to release the 33 Chilean miners continue. We watch, finger-nail chewing and smiling with the trapped men because once, many years ago, I too was trapped underground by a rock fall.

    I was only trapped for a few hours but the feelings we two had at the time were as intense as any. In those far off days there was no record of who was where in a mine and the various shift bosses and managers would log the work places as they made their daily ...
  3. The Land of the Rising Buck

    Here's another little snippet of nonsense from the land of the rising buck.

    Hong Kong has several 'entertainment' districts, Shanghai Street and reclamation Street are filled with 'One Chicken Houses' in Cantonese a chicken is a whore. The law allows single ladies to ply their trade but disallows brothels, to Kowloon, filled to overflowing with eateries and drinkeries. On HK island there is Lan Kwai Fong an area of bars frequented mostly by young overpaid eejits and then there is ...
  4. More stuff

    Oh dear, spoke too soon. Barby in the local village chicken with lemon and wrapped in a banana leaf. Succ-u-lent. A few Tsing Taos to wash it all down. Retired hurt at about nine. Small shop in the village sells beer but stocks are limited so four people I vaguely knew had commandeered the only table which groaned beneath what appeared to be a weeks supply of beer.
    Lets hope next week is quieter. Have to finalise some stuff for the American market. I really don't know why I offer! Looks ...
  5. Fixing Microsoft Outlook

    Cannot start Microsoft Office Outlook. Cannot Open the Outlook Window

    That annoying error message kept appearing, no matter how many times I applied the recommended fixes from Microsoft and other places... Naturally I kept searching for something...

    Finally I came across an obscure command that I hadn't seen and thought I'd give it a try. Since it worked I thought I'd immortalize it here today...

    Simply run: outlook.exe /resetnavpane