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  1. “Where is Nancy, where is Nancy” the perp was yelling

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    You've been here five years and never started a single thread.
    So what? I don't start many threads. But I do more than troll and lapdog tricks pleasing a master.

    Sorry you can't say the same.
  2. Power Grab – What Xi Jinping’s 3rd Term means

    Power Grab – What Xi Jinping’s 3rd Term means


    China in Focus

    Following in the footsteps of*#Chairman*#MaoZedong, one of the most brutal communist leaders the world has seen, is history about to repeat itself with*#XiJinping? In this special report, we look at what Xi Jinping’s third term means for China and the world, what America can expect going forward, and if the free world is about to be embroiled in war. Joining ...