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  1. Kansas! Even in Kansas…

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    Pro-Choice turned out and WON!

    The people of conservative Kansas have spoken!

    Pro-life is going to be a difficult stance come November
    I gotta tell you - I just found out. The way I found out is I turned on Morning Joe - they were interviewing happy voters in KS and at first I went, "fuck!". The I started listening to what they were saying and when one lady said, "now my bodily autonomy is protected".. I said, "what ...
  2. Democrats pass idiotic assault weapon ban bill

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    Oh, no. The shock treatment was a flop. You're still sounding like a twumptard with a weapons-grade case of Tourette's, Sally.
    C'mere boy..I wanna tell you something. Or are you scared to get within my reach?

    I'll feed you to a sow that loves me, you piece of shit.
    Well, first you're going to have to find a way to peel your whale-like flabfest of a body off your mom's couch. Then, if you can find a way to be ambulatory without the aid of a geriatric ...