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  1. Floridians are pissed!

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    Governor DeSatin spent money on "Don't Say Gay laws" and shipping Texas immigrants to Martha's Vineyard.

    Now a million Floridians are out of power, that would have been money better spent hardening the electrical grid for such a situation.

    Shame on him!
    Why are they pissed off? These ingrates, these losers, the Cuban magots and senior depend wearing fucks, rallied behind this man for years. These same ppl kicked Charlie to the curb for huggin ...
  2. Armed Citizen Stops Shooter at Indiana Mall: GOOD GUY WITH A GUN

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    Make that 003 for the Good Guy. Then there's the Good Guys accidentally shot & killed by cops arriving on the scene of a crime in progress. Post #154.

    Gunners are just absurd.
    PRICELESS!! lololo
  3. Jussie Smollett Found Guilty of Staging Hoax Hate Crime

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    The "modern day lynching" tweet from Kamala is still up....
    She nor Slow Joe will admit that they were wrong and encouraged potential race riots.
    Yall been talking about a race war since Obama.....either you're full of shit or understanding black folk got guns too, which is it??